About company


ICON INDICES was founded in 2010 with a mission to build technology to bring provenance and traceability of products across supply chain till its end-users.

ICON INDICES is a group of people imbibed with one common trait ‘Think Excellence’.

Its Vision is- Navigation Identifier Technology platform is a global network of thousands of manufacturers and millions of supply chain members, exchanging products transaction information electronically for improved transparency, increased efficiency and provenance.

Founder and CEO


In 2010, Anurag Saxena joined the league of entrepreneurs after his two decades of successful professional career. A scholar by hard work, engineer by profession and inventor by passion for excellence, Anurag developed special cryptography and a system mechanism to an immutable transaction-chain for supply chain in the distributed database environment of ecosystem partners and exchanging transaction information electronically at the best achievable efficiency ever. Anurag designed one-integrated enterprise SaaS platform for product manufacturers and supply chain members to exchange provenance and traceability information among them most efficiently, to help them comply regulations on product traceability, improved transparency and advance analytics. View LinkedIn profile here.